This is a New Day for Texas

Now more than ever, Texans need a champion to preserve our State Constitution and the the great American experiment from radical progressives.

Under my leadership I will advocate for strong borders, term limits, removing Critical Race Theory and individual liberty with protecting our vote.

As the recognized leader of the conservative movement and giving back to our community, I will work to grow and unify our party and by bringing together leaders from across the state to share ideas and strategize how will preserve the State and the United States we love.

We’re also helping to produce new generations of conservative leaders to ensure the cause of freedom continues for generations to come.

But I can’t do it alone. It’s only through our volunteers and donators that we can engage on all these fronts and continue to fight for Texas Values and Keep America Strong.

That is why I invite you to get involved —because there’s too much at stake to stand on the sidelines.

It’s only with your help that we can ensure that the state of Texas is the land of unprecedented opportunity with the freest, most prosperous nation the world has ever known.