Term Limits

We need term limits now! We send people to Austin on a regular basis and we only hear back from them when it is time to get reelected. I am committed to making sure that elected officeholders cannot make a career out of Austin. We need citizen legislators and we need them to be responsive to you!

Issues - Term Limits - Kelly McDonald

Securing the Border

Our borders must be secure now! Radical border policies have created a humanitarian crisis in our backyards. I will fight to secure our border to stop the flow of drug cartels, illegal immigrants, and human traffickers into our communities.

If the federal government does not do its job, Texas must lead in border security to keep our neighborhoods safe.  We must continue to build the border wall.

Issues - Border - Kelly McDonald

Ban Critical Race from Schools

Our classrooms should not be used for political posturing and pushing agendas. CRT must be eliminated and banned in any curriculum that is used in Texas. This is a top priority and I will support the toughest legislation seen in our state to eliminate a radical agenda in the classrooms.

Issues - Ban Critical Race from Schools - Kelly McDonald

Pro life/Pro Family

I am Pro-Life. As a mother, no one will work harder to defend the sanctity of life and oppose taxpayer funding of abortions. I am a voice for the unborn, who cannot protect themselves.

Election Integrity and Ballot Security

Your vote is incredibly important. We must have a secure election process and it must be protected. Even if one vote is illegal it undermines our democracy. This is a priority and Austin needs to step up and fix it.

Issues - Voting - Kelly McDonald

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment

I firmly believe that Texans should exercise their Constitutional right to protect themselves and their families. I am a proud member of the National Rifle Association. I will oppose all efforts to infringe on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens.

Issues - 2nd Amendment - Kelly McDonald

Back the Blue

I back the Blue. Both my father and brother were police officers. I am a fierce supporter of our first responders and am adamantly opposed to any effort to defund the police. I’m proud that our community has such high regard and positive engagement with our law enforcement officers, and I will always work to support them.

Improving Education

As an experienced leader in K-12 education and a mother, I know that a more robust educational system means a more vital workforce and leads to jobs and opportunities. I have served on the Magnolia ISD School Board for five years. I have advocated for our students to the State Legislature and Congress to solve public education challenges and collaborate for solutions that benefit students, teachers, and taxpayers.

As State Representative, I will ensure that education dollars serve our students and empower our teachers in a fiscally responsible way.

Issues - Education - Kelly McDonald

Protecting Taxpayers

As an advocate in the community who has worked directly with homeowners and community groups, I know the importance of reforming the property tax system and continuing the fight to cut property taxes. We need to ensure that families keep their homes by eliminating tax burdens.

Issues - Taxpayers - Kelly McDonald