A Commitment to Families & Communities

I am a lifelong Texan and a conservative.  I am fed up with how dysfunctional government is and how we hear election after election a bunch of empty promises that never get accomplished.  I am committed to serving you and not special interests.  As a conservative, I am 100% pro-life, committed to securing the border, a strong defender of the 2nd amendment, and she is committed to enacting term-limits in the State of Texas.

Kelly McDonald has been a public servant. Leading others through example and ensuring that our children, those in need, and our communities are safe and secure.

Commissioner, Montgomery County Housing Authority Precinct 2

In March of 2021, the Montgomery County Housing Authority appointed Kelly as Commissioner for Precinct 2. In this role, she oversees federal aid to provide safe housing for the elderly, our veterans, and persons with disabilities in Montgomery County.

Magnolia ISD School Board Trustee

It is an exciting opportunity to advocate for public education on the state and national levels. Kelly has served on the Magnolia ISD School Board, Position 1, for the past five years. Along with six other trustees, she ensures the vision and goals of the school district are met with a focus to adopt a policy that governs 13,600 students and 1,200 teachers and staff covering 16 campuses.

Out of 7,200 school board trustees statewide, Kelly in 2018 participated in the Leadership of Texas Association of School Boards. She and 32 other trustees led the conversation in Washington D.C.

Their advocacy to Congress for public policies ensures Texas students have access to an excellent education wherever they live. In 2019, Kelly graduated from the Texas Association of School Boards Leadership Program, earning the designation of Master Trustee.

Before her School Board Service, Kelly was a member of the 2014 Magnolia ISD Parent Leadership Committee, the 2015 Magnolia Facility Planning Committee, and the ALPHA Academy Campus Improvement Committee.

The Magnolia Parkway & The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce

Kelly is a member of the Greater Magnolia Parkway  & The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce. Kelly serves as the Magnolia Parkway’s Government Affairs Council Chairwoman. In this role, she tracks current legislation that will impact Chamber Businesses and pursues dialogue with City, State, and Federal Elected Officials to advocate for our local businesses. Her involvement in both chambers assists her in understanding the pulse of the small business community.

Magnolia Rotary Club

Kelly states that another big part of her life is being a Rotarian. She is proud to be a member of the Magnolia Rotary Club. Together they strive for “Service Above Self.” The Rotarians are some of the most giving and honorable people in our community. They develop leadership skills in kids, assist families in crisis, strive to end human trafficking and give college scholarships to honor outstanding scholars and athletes. Kelly has been on the Rotary Board of Directors for the past five years and serves as President of the Magnolia Rotary Club this year.