I am a lifelong Texan and a conservative. Our government is dysfunctional, and election after election we hear empty promises that never get accomplished. I am committed to bringing new energy and swift action to serve you and not special interests. As a conservative, I am 100% pro-life, committed to securing the border, a strong defender of the 2nd amendment. Finally, I am committed to enacting term limits in the State of Texas.

Growing up, my Dad was a police officer serving our community. My mother was a nurse and was the first of five siblings to graduate from college. This accomplishment came with her working during the day, caring for me and my brother in the evening. Both of my parents were an inspiration of determination, commitment to success, and family.

That is the American Dream. There is no other state like Texas. We have strong values, work ethic, honor our law enforcement, and treat one another with respect. I am running for State Representative to ensure Texas remains the land of endless opportunity for future generations.

I am a proud member of the National Rifle Association & will oppose all efforts to infringe on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens.

I will oppose all attempts to use our schools as a way to radicalize our children.  We need to keep politics and hatred out of the classrooms. 

Our borders must be secure. Radical border policies have created a humanitarian crisis in our backyards.


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Aiming to Win Fundraiser for Kelly

January 30 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


January 31 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This is a New Day for Texas

We need real leaders. We need women born and raised in Texas. Christian women with strong Republican values.

We need the work ethic that will lead our children thru an education system that supports & promotes patriotism and pride in Texas and American History. That strengthens their knowledge with the fundamental skills they need to succeed in life.

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